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TCWG — Ebook 23/1/2017

I am making some progress on an ebook (when the mood takes me) and as is noted elsewhere it is not that easy. Formatting the book is a problem and I am trying to avoid getting involved in html coding. Unfortunately it seems that any simple Epub/ebook will require the purchase of some software. Publishing a collection of each months entries as a pdf file would obviate this but would — perhaps — serve little purpose beyond what is already being done? Continue reading “TCWG — Ebook 23/1/2017”

On Going Digital — 11/1/2017

I have long thought of producing an ebook, thinking that it must be a relatively easy thing to do and I’m sure that it is. Certainly it would be to  my grandchildren but I’m afraid an innate failing of mine being a short term attention span, which now coupled with practically zero short term memory for things that I rapidly lose interest in, is making it a difficult task. Do read with a very large element of acceptance of my ignorance on going digital Continue reading “On Going Digital — 11/1/2017”