On Going Digital — 11/1/2017

I have long thought of producing an ebook, thinking that it must be a relatively easy thing to do and I’m sure that it is. Certainly it would be to  my grandchildren but I’m afraid an innate failing of mine being a short term attention span, which now coupled with practically zero short term memory for things that I rapidly lose interest in, is making it a difficult task. Do read with a very large element of acceptance of my ignorance on going digital

Perhaps I should add that as a former engineer reading the manual is a last resort, in my defence I would add that there is a reasonable expectation that editing an ebook should be intuitive. It may that I need to look at other forms of producing an ebook  the sample that I have included below (and it is only a sample) has proven to be far from simple and one where reading the manual (and understanding what it is saying) is absolutely necessary.


My opinion is that the survival of TCWG very much depends on it going digital. The first step has been the production of a rather neat website the maintenance of which is somewhat questionable. For example; an ebook is able to include links (a url that takes to reader to the website being referenced), it also enables an author to include images/graphics in a story. My experimental ebook based on  the December 2016 short stories  include such links (urls), some were easy to include but other were made difficult by the incompleteness of the website. Any images/graphics are as presented by the author.

Below is an intended example of what a monthly ebook could look like (ignore some of the formatting). There are many more clever things that could be included, like a contents list and pagination. Things that I haven’t learned to do yet! I have yet to find out just how easy producing a ebook is (I’m still of the opinion that it could be easy — I just haven’t learned enough yet).

Amazon provides a means of producing an ebook , which I only briefly looked at because of its commercial application and the group having no means of dealing with this aspect?

  • My purpose in this proposal is in finding a means of encouraging writers to submit entries to the monthly forum.
  • Where this may lead in terms of the group functionality is for the group to decide.
click image — PDF format

If there are any technical geeks reading this, I came across a freeware piece of ebook software called Calibre that I intend to look at in more detail (it converts PDF files into other formats i.e. Kindle). Perhaps this software could be discussed elsewhere?

Organise Your E-Book Library With Free Manager Calibre

My motivation here has turned out be less altruistic — I am going to try my hand at e-publishing. Assuming of course that my  short term attention span, coupled with short term memory, isn’t a distraction (I’m still working on my propensity for prevarication).

chateauxenespagne January 11, 2017 at 21:42 Edit

Jutoh is software produced by the Calibre people and is more for authoring whereas Calibre seems to me to have more of a library function. I have got Jutoh (it isn’t expensive) but never got around to using it. To me (I have little experience) it seems the main issue in making an ebook is the formatting and the table of contents. The chapter titles need to be in heading format for the software to be able to pick them up and index them when the TOC is generated.
I like the idea of a monthly ebook for TCWGSS.


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