TCWG — Ebook 23/1/2017

I am making some progress on an ebook (when the mood takes me) and as is noted elsewhere it is not that easy. Formatting the book is a problem and I am trying to avoid getting involved in html coding. Unfortunately it seems that any simple Epub/ebook will require the purchase of some software. Publishing a collection of each months entries as a pdf file would obviate this but would — perhaps — serve little purpose beyond what is already being done?

As I have indicated: I have now developed a self interest in Epubs/ebooks and will continue my efforts in this area. While I’m relatively optimistic, don’t press me for any timescales!

Chester Goode Using Microsoft Word only, Peter, I have in the past created a couple of ebooks. If there is nothing special in the formatting, as I recall, it is pretty simple. I only use a Chromebook now, so I do not have Word. There are lots of ‘how to’ videos I think on Youtube.
 Ruth Gustafson Peninger Notestine If you have Microsoft Word, you should be able to use its tools to create the links for the chapters through that program. I don’t remember how off the top of my head (and things change according to version) but I know it can be done.
 Peter Barnett Thanks Ruth and Chester— I’m aware of the MS Word facility and conversion into it is not a problem. Perhaps I will — at some point — look at bulk MS conversion into an Epub/ebook. Any links to the methodology used would be appreciated.

I have a sense that it will not solve the formatting problem that occurs when trying to convert written text and images into an Epub/ebook.
Most conversion programmes like to import from a pdf format and that is the route I am currently taking.

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