TCWG — Amazon ebook 28/1/2017

I set this site up for my own convenience in keeping a record of the useful advice that I have received and to progress my attempts at producing an ebook. Using some software that I purchased I have managed to publish and edit my first ebook.

I realised that the software package that I was using set ebooks in a form that Amazon uses so I also set up an account with Amazon. This was as hard as setting up the ebook itself but nevertheless I eventually managed to publish one. I’m still learning and it appears that you have to visit Amazon to view a sample of the book. To do that click here and If that doesn’t work I would appreciate knowing.

This is not a promotion for you to buy the ebook from Amazon and if you do — each purchase  will result in 35 pence being credited to me (or so I believe). To find out more about Amazon kdp go to their YouTube channel.

I received the following email from Amazon:

Congratulations, your book “6 Short Stories by Aasof” is now live and available* for purchase in the Kindle Store! If you republished your book, your changes will be live in 24 hours.

Here are additional resources to help you promote your book and reach more readers:

  • Learn about the merchandising programs we offer, including ten ways to market your book.
  • Enroll your book in KDP Select, an optional program for you to reach more readers and earn more money. When you enroll your title in KDP Select, it will be included in Kindle Unlimited for customers in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and India and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library(KOLL) for customers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Japan. You can also choose between two great promotional tools: Kindle Countdown Deals or a Free Book Promotion. To learn more, click here.
  • Create an Author Page through Author Central so readers can get information about you and your work. You can sign in to Author Central on or on Already have an Author Page? Make sure you claim all of your books, including this one.

Kind regards,
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team

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There are many similarities between the use of Amazon and My Telegraph (if we ignore the commercial aspect) especially the Terms and Conditions. I intend to look at some other methodologies for producing ebooks. In the meantime I return to my original premise for proposing an ebook, which was:

To encourage the submission of monthly contributions to the TCWG.


While I intend to pursue what is referred to as an Epub and shall probably use Amazon on a personal basis, my suggestion does bring with it a number of problems for the group. If I — or someone else — agrees to produce a monthly ebook of the group’s short story contributions (including an example) then these problems will need to be addressed before it can be activated.

Author: Peter

Web researcher

6 thoughts on “TCWG — Amazon ebook 28/1/2017”

  1. It is possible to put web links in an Amazon ebook and on that principle it would be possible to assemble an eBook that references all existing stories. There is of course a caveat and that is: each month the book would have to be updated but the principle could be that rather than put the full text into the book you could put the references to each submission and it would be the subscribers clicking on the link which would navigate to the relevant text. The plus side to this is that books by Kindle automatically update to the subscriber: there is an ongoing requirement of course, as noted before, to list entries and possibly commentary / narrative / review excetera (by the honourable Peter Barnett!!)


    1. Just to make things clear this would obviously need to produce a Kindle book every month one could produce a Kindle book every 3 months or every year or merely update the existing book so that each section represents a new month of entries


      1. I have thought of this Archie with reference to my Facebook activity and copyright law. I need to think some more on it from a personal perspective. Regarding the group — the links are already referenced and in that respect it may be simply a TCWG website issue?

        On the issue of an ebook issue timescale, this is not my call!


  2. I’m impressed that you have managed to do this, Peter. I do have my doubts if this would increase membership of TCWG but I simply don’t know.

    Certainly worth a try though.

    It’s certainly an interesting project and had I more time, I would certainly like to explore it further.

    I’ll certainly follow this with interest.


    1. Thanks for your reply Araminta. I’m sure that you realise I am not talking about group membership — although membership and story contributors are inevitably linked. My premise is as I stated above, which may turn out to be a non sequitur.


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