TCWG ebook

The TCWG ebook of the December Short Story contributors can be seen here on the Amazon Kindle site where you can briefly look inside it or buy it (£0.99). The rationale for proposing an ebook were given in my post On Going Digital, which was:

My purpose in this proposal is in finding a means of encouraging writers to submit entries to the monthly forum.

Where this may lead in terms of the group functionality is for the group to decide.

Having provided an example of a monthly short story collection in ebook form, any further action is a TCWG Short Stories Group decision. However there are a number of issues that  this exercise has raised should the group decide to go digital. Having carried out the exercise in producing an ebook these do not need to be raised until a group decision on going digital is  taken further. Until then my involvement in this ebook exercise is concluded.

I am grateful (once again) to the TCWG Group for giving me the motivation to investigate the production of an ebook — I have learned a lot in doing so. Should anyone be interested in the production of their own ebook then I recommend that you read my post TCWG — Amazon ebook.